Complete satisfaction is what we aim to serve.

Our business is dependent on word of mouth. And if we make people’s mouth’s happy, we find that they’ll overwhelmingly recommend us. The best events are the ones where guests leave thinking that you’re a fantastic host and are completely unaware of the culinary ballet that goes on behind the scenes. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do, but we’ll leave it to these clients to say it best. Because if they’re satisfied, so are we.

“A new position at a non-profit company meant I had to set up a fundraiser dinner in my first month. Problem was, I had no idea where to begin. A colleague recommended In Thyme. I gave them an indication of my budget and they literally took care of the rest. It was amazing!”

— Casey K.

“Giving a Bat Mitzvah nowadays has become a competitive sport. Every parent wants to make sure that their kid’s party is successful, but most importantly, the kids have to think that it’s ‘cool’. Even though In Thyme has done Mitzvahs many times before, they made me feel like my party was unique and special. The food was absolutely fantastic, it was upscale and sophisticated, but also fun!”

— Sarah W.

“I wanted to throw a surprise 50th Anniversary for my parents at my houseā€¦I was so surprised how tidy, efficient and respectful of my home that In Thyme was. A.J. buzzed around making sure everything was perfect. It meant that I was able to relax and enjoy the party too.”

— Julia C.

“Every year we do a shareholder’s meeting at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The guest list is generally about 300 plus. The food is phenomenal, the service is consistently excellent and professional. With In Thyme, the food is not only super fresh, they also bring fresh thinking each year to make it better.”

— Norville B.

“Excellent! In Thyme is always outstanding. Always on budget. They make me look good.”

— Gordon R.